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Terms and Conditions for Staff

1a: I undertake to be available and will abide by the terms agreed between agency and client provided the engagement is one which is in the ordinary course of my work for which I have agreed to partake in and I am suitably available at the time of accepting the booking.

1b: From time to time I may notify the agency of my non-ability for work, or of particular clients for whom I do not wish to work, but once an offer has been accepted in respect of my services, I shall faithfully carry out all my obligations agreed to by myself at point of booking.

1c: I agree that, if I am unwell or cannot attend a booking for whatever reason I will give at least 24 hours' notice, allowing the agency to find a suitable replacement. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the agency books and will result in 50% of my wages earned that month or any outstanding being deducted. Exclusion from the books and wages deducted shall be reviewed if lots of notice is given.

1d: If i decide to walk off a job before the shift ends then I understand I may not be paid for the shift. My full shift times are always sent to me via e-mail once I am officially booked.

2: I acknowledge that, at my own expense I must keep available and in good condition a full range of clothes, accessories, make-up etc. in accordance with reasonable requirements of the clients. I also agree to always appear as I do in the photos I submitted to the agency.

3: If, following an assignment, I am paid cash the full amount due from the client, I acknowledge that this sum includes not only my fee but also the agency's fee and commission and undertake to reimburse the agency accordingly.

4: I understand that, should I cease to become available for engagements through the agency for whatever reason, any expenses incurred on my behalf by either agency or clients will immediately become due for reimbursement and that my agency (whether in the UK or abroad) shall be entitled to deduct from my new account agreed expenses that may be due as soon as possible.

5: I understand that, during the period of agreement and thereafter in perpetuity, all fees arising from contracts, including renewed and / or re-negotiated contracts originally arranged by the agency between the client and myself shall continue to be receivable by the agency who will pay my fees in accordance with the terms above.

6: I understand that any work I undertake from the agency will be paid direct into my account on the final day of the working month if I am on the books as a PAYE staff worker and will need to complete the forms provided by the agency. Self employed staff are paid two weeks after they complete their shifts and must send in an invoice including their Unique Tax Reference Code printed on the invoice. If Self Employed I have 12 months to submit my invoice from the date I work.

7: I hereby authorise the agency to sign any written documents relating to the above. I confirm that I will not sign any documents or discuss anything privately relating to bookings from clients without first consulting my agent. (Relating to Dreams Agency Ltd clients and bookings only).

7b: I understand that in no circumstances must I discuss private bookings with clients, swap contact details. If a client insists on booking me then this must go through the agency and the agency must be notified. Failure to do so will result in instant dismissal from the agency and may result in a deduction in any outstanding wages being owed to me. This also applies to casting sessions and interviews for potential jobs. If you accept a private booking with a Dreams Agency client, then the client will also be penalised and will also be breaching their terms and conditions which will result in a serious penalty. We will also inform partnering agencies and affiliated agencies of any private bookings made and you may also be removed from their books. We currently have a total of x20 partnering/affiliated agencies.

7c: Dreams Agency Ltd will never pass out your personal contact telephone number to a client (unless you give us permission). We always advise you never to pass personal contact details to our clients and we will not be held responsible for any unsolicited, sexual advanced calls or text messages from clients. As a rule, we simply ask you never pass over your details.

8: I will not request/add any of the clients I work with on any social media sites including Facebook or Twitter, by doing this I understand I may be instantly removed from the agency books. This is due to professional levels we need to maintain. By doing this I will instantly be removed from the agency books.

9. If for any reason I am late, I must inform the agency and understand my wages will more than likely be deducted according to the amount of time I am late by.

10. I understand I am entitled to at least a 20 minute paid break whilst working an 8 hour shift.

11. I will text the office mobile number when I arrive for every shift – 07805 380 466. Failure to do this may result in my wages being reduced.

12. If I let Dreams agency down on my first booking I understand I may be instantly removed from the agency books. A let down is classed as cancelling a job within 24 hours of the job starting and cancelling within 48 hours of accepting a job.

13: I confirm I am of the legal age (16+) and have the full legal capacity to execute this authorisation without or knowledge of any other person.

14: We operate a three-strike policy. If you let the agency down in any way, you will receive a strike. If you receive x3 strikes then you will be removed from the agency. If you cancel a shift 48 hours before your shift starts then you will receive a strike, if you accept a job and then cancel within 24 hours you will receive a strike, if you are caught drinking or taking drugs you will receive a strike and most likely removed from the agency, if you are constantly late you will receive a strike. If you are new to the agency and you let us down on your first job then you are likely to be instantly removed.

14.b If you cancel an event for any reason then we have the right to give you a strike, on receiving a third strike you will be removed from the agency books. 

15. SELF EMPLOYED - All self-employed must be officially registered as self-employed and have a valid UTR number. It is also the staff's responsibility to ensure your national insurance and tax is correctly paid. From the date you work you have 12 months to submit your invoice, anything after 12 months will be void and your invoice will be rejected for payment

16.  I confirm that I have read, understood and will abide by the above requirements.

What our clients say...

"As a marketing manager we often need to develop new campaigns and implement them quickly as was the case when I came to Dreams Agency. From initial enquiry through to the event itself everything was dealt with quickly, efficiently and the quality of service from both the head office and the promotional staff was second to none. Personable, well presented and reliable! Highly recommended!."
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