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Arranging your next corporate or publicity event?

Think about having fun, offering something quirky while raising money for charity at the same time. It can provide great publicity value too, perfect social media activities or as a special extra when promoting a new product or service.

How about looking outside the box and doing something a bit different?

Holding a Christmas party, going out for a meal or stopping early for a drink are conventional ways of rewarding hard working staff, building team spirit and improving staff relationships. By offering something slightly different, you can make such events stand out, and become really memorable something that staff will talk about and appreciate for a long time to come.

Take a look at some of these unusual, off beat and unorthodox ideas.

Human sheep herding

An hilarious and effective team building activity requiring a lot of trust and organisation. One person within a team becomes a shepherd, organising a group of blindfolded ‘human sheep’ into a pen. Add a few obstacles to make it even more challenging.

Segway experiences

Try learning to use a Segway and go for a trip around a course or through the countryside. Segways are not as easy to steer as you might think. It’s a great way to get out and about and enjoy an outdoor activity.

Building Things
How about organising sessions building beehives, bird boxes for charity? For something bigger you could try a trip to the beach and build some sand sculptures – always good for great pix.

Soap box Derby
Hold your own soap box Derby, allowing teams to create their own quirky, innovative designs. Just think of the strange and wonderful that appear during the Red Bull Soap box events. Imaginative and inventive, it does need people to be able to work together.

Murder Mysteries
Hold a murder mystery event. Get teams working together to try and solve a whodunit. Provide lots of clues, and a small prize for the winning team. Such events are ideal for unusual Christmas parties or for a public stunt .

Make a movie
Provide some filming equipment and the help of a few professional dancers, singers to create a special team film.

Bring in circus performers
Learn to juggle, walk a low tightrope and other simple circus skills. Fun, light hearted and interesting, it can prove a very relaxing way to socialize while learning new skills.

Organise a Treasure Hunt
Can be small or large scale, purely for a group activity or on a larger public basis such as a promotional activity with clues around a town or city. All you need is a location, clues and treasure as a reward – which can be as simple as discounts or free products.

Make some food
Everyone loves food – so how about organising a brewery tour, a gin making class, chocolate making or baking competition

Mad Hatter’s tea party
Nothing ever goes right at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – which only adds to the fun. Make it as crazy as you like, with unusual food, even costumes or a crazy setting. A perfect way to unwind and relax.

Organise a charity event
These are always good for publicity as well as inspiring staff and developing a team spirit. The range is vast – think about charity picnics, fayres, treasure hunts or something sporting such as a sponsored walk, swim or even abseil down a building. You could also arrange to take on a charity project such as helping to restore a river or canal, or create homes for birds.

Event Organising – Not sure where to start?

Talk to an events company like Dreams who are always willing to help make the arrangements and can provide any additional staff needed to make this an event to remember.