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Cadburys – Dreams Case Study

Dreams Agency has been the preferred supplier of Brand Ambassadors to Cadburys. In this case study we are going to be discussing how we helped to put together a campaign and increase sales.

Instore Easter Activity - CadburyHow we helped

Cadburys recently ran a nationwide Easter campaign across hundreds of Tesco. Cadburys required professional and outgoing staff to assist in running the in-store promotion completely alone.

The in-store promotion team was required to run and manage an Easter hunt around the Tesco Store. This firstly required the staff to set up the promotional advertising boards, Easter Egg displays, Children’s activity stations and of course the Easter hunt itself. This involved the staff placing hidden quests around the store which the customers needed to find, once found the children would need to solve the puzzle.

Cadbury instore Activity - Dreams Agency StaffThe Dreams staff were required to interact with shoppers and to encourage them and their children to take part in the Easter hunt. The customers would then be given a hunting pack which gave them clues to where the hidden packs were hidden throughout the store. Once the parents and Children completed the Easter hunt, they would have their answers checked and be given a prize for taking part. The Dreams staff then had to prompt parents to enter a competition which would allow them to potentially win an annual Merlin family pass.

Some shoppers wanted to leave their children in the safe hands of the Dreams staff whilst they did their weekly shopping. The Children’s Easter workstation had already been set up in advanced by the Dreams staff which allowed children to take part in various colouring activities.

How to get a quote and book a promotional team

Dreams Agency operates across the UK and even have an international team covering Europe, America, South America & selected parts of Asia so it does not matter where your event is taking place, you can rely on us.

All the people that will be part of your team are local to your event and we give them a full briefing during the lead up to the big day.

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