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How a professional event manager can improve your campaigns and promotions

Think back to your latest promotional campaign. Did it run smoothly in every way? Or was it a bit chaotic? Were you left feeling that it could have had a better impact? Were there improvements that could have been made? Answering yes to any of these questions indicates why a professional events manager could have made an instant difference.

Whatever the type of event from a week-long nationwide tour to a day’s giveaways and fun, using a trained events manager will instantly have an effect. An event manager’s task is clear – to make sure that every objective and goal for that event is met. To do that, every aspect of the event has to run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

It costs money and time to organise a promotional campaign. No company can afford to let any sales and promotional opportunities to be wasted.

Avoid chaos, and ensure success in your event by hiring an events manager.

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What can an event manager do?

  • Most importantly, an events manager will be there to deal with everything, and any unexpected hitches that might occur.
  • Ensuring they are properly managed, motivated and directed to achieve your company’s aims is important. This is the task of the events manager.
  • Undertake briefings and communicate messages effectively

Hiring promotional staff is just one essential element – Promotional staff need to know exactly what they are to tell people. If they don’t have the right information, they will simply think on their feet which can mean incorrect information is passed on. The events manager will undertake regular briefings and make sure that everyone is pushing the same message.

Being the central point of contact

At every event, there are always questions to be answered, or people seeking more information than the promotional staff can provide. Journalists may turn up wanting to undertake an interview with a company representative. By having a professional events manager on site, they can deal with all these issues. This leaves you to free to enjoy the event and concentrate on meeting people.

Coordinate and inform

No event runs to schedule. Problems can occur. A speaker turns up late, a band is stuck in traffic, the clown is occupied with a guest and cannot get away, the stand runs out of drinking water – anything can happen. Dealing with such problems or unexpected changes can involve considerable co-ordination sorting out replacements, changing timetables, finding personnel – which is where the event manager can help by providing the necessary co-ordination and making sure everyone knows what is happening and when.


Obtaining feedback is one of the most crucial parts of every event. If you don’t know what worked and what needed improving, how can you make your next event even more successful? An events manager can provide that feedback, as well as suggesting ideas for future campaigns.

Think carefully when planning your next campaign. Will hiring an events manager make a difference?

If you want a smooth, co-ordinated, professional promotional campaign or event, then an events manager will definitely make a difference if only by removing the nightmare of having to deal with unexpected problems. Hiring an events manager could be the best decision you have ever made!

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