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Registration staff

Dreams offers highly experienced and reliable staff who regularly work on a wide range of registration campaigns throughout the UK.

Registration staff are essential to any event; from a breakfast networking event to an event launch. And it’s always good to have confident, experienced registration staff when managing an event, as it is the first representative of your company a guest will meet on that day.  Registration staff welcome visitors, handing out passes – or making sure the passes the guests have are valid – count the number of attendees, control entrances and exits – they are an invaluable asset to your event.

All of the Dreams Agency registration staff know exactly what is required and work registration events regularly. Each Dreams staff member understands what is expected of them and will have worked with a number of registration systems – this ensures a smooth and quick process with all show visitors. Our registration staff are very helpful, patient, efficient and are often booked as main registration teams for some of the biggest events in the UK.

Type of events Registration Staff are useful for:

The answer to this is pretty much anything, however we have listed some common event types below.

  • Exhibitions
  • Sporting events
  • Conferences
  • Hospitality and networking events
  • Festivals
  • AGM’s
  • Music events
  • Pub and club events

What locations are covered?

We cover the whole of the UK along with International jobs too; in over ten major countries.  We have locally based staff in all towns and villages across the UK, so don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!