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Hire Leaflet Distribution Staff

The Dreams Agency Leaflet distribution division offers highly experienced and reliable staff who work a wide range of leafleting campaigns on a daily basis.

Leaflet distribution does require a skill and is not just standing in a single position holding out a leaflet. When leafleting at any type of event, big or small, you must be outgoing and interacting with the general public. Having an approachable look and a friendly personality is a major benefit as leafleting does require a small amount of interacting whilst handing out the flyers. You need to briefly, but effectively tell people what you are offering them and enough information to have the end user want to take the flyer.

If you hire the wrong person to look after your leaflet distribution you are likely to either end up with lots of non-handed out leaflets or find yourself collecting them off the floor once the event has finished.

So what type of events is it good to hand out leaflets at?

The answer to this is pretty much any type of event, however we have listed some common event types below.

    • Sporting events
    • Competition sign-ups
    • Exhibitions and expos
    • Fun runs and music festivals
    • Night club promotions 
    • Outside train stations
    • In Store Promotions
    • Business Promo Offers
    • Shopping centres
    • Outside Concert

Where are your leafleting staff located?

With more than 5,000 registered staff across England, Scotland and Wales we have promotional staff local to everywhere.  They can collect your flyers or you can send them direct to them and we will brief them with what you need them to do.

We also have staff in ten other countries in Europe, Asia and America too!

So how much does it cost to have someone hand out flyers?

Much more cost effective than doing it yourself or a member of your own team.  The price depends on where and how long you need to hire the staff for.  But pop us an email or give us a call, let us know what you need  and we can tell you how much it will all cost.