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Actors & Extras for PR Stunts, TV and Film Extras

Dreams Agency can provide you with actors and extras for your production or if you are looking for something more elaborate like PR Stunts.

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hire actors for pr stunts

Dreams Agency has been organising all sorts of actors and extras for wacky and exciting PR Stunts.  along with HUGE crowds of extras for TV/Film production companies and background bystanders for commercials since 2010.   This means we are certain we can achieve your goals for you!  Plus, we cover the whole of the UK and use local staff to help save you money on transport costs.

PR Stunts, Actors, Extras for TV, Film Agencies

Dreams Agency have worked with multiple agencies and have offered expert advice on the type of extras which they would require. In October 2019 we had 100 extras and a team leader as a crowd in the background of an MTV show, where they played the part of a crowd in a Q&A! The event went that well, they requested if they could have the staff the following day – which we of course supplied.

We can cover any part of the UK and can work under strict time constraints.   So if you needed staff tomorrow 99% of the time, we can do this for you.

PR Stunt Actors, Extras for TV, Films and Commercials in the UK (Dreams Agency can even supply across Europe and the USA!)

Unlock Opportunities Everywhere with Dreams Agency – Your Top Choice for Actors and Extras!

Our expansive reach covers every location, providing you with unparalleled support and excellent service. YOU have the power to select YOUR staff, ensuring a seamless outcome. Trust us to match your every need, guaranteeing smooth operations and delivering the best results imaginable. Dreams Agency—Where Your Casting Dreams Become Reality! 🌟🎬

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