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Roadshow staff

Our experienced roadshow staff are friendly, outgoing and hardworking staff who regularly work on roadshows events, so they really understand what is needed.

Lots of companies want to promote their products or services all over the UK or at specific locations, for a consistent period of time. This requires a team of professional staff to work the whole campaign and assist with everything.  From sales, leafleting, brand awareness, product sampling & demonstrating, presenting, DJ’s – we’ve got the talent!

The team ideally stay with the brand for the whole campaign and travel together to all the required locations. Keeping the same team creates a consistency which is essential during roadshows; allowing the staff to get familiar with the programme of events and the brand or service, resulting in a much better performance.

Hiring the wrong Road Show staff can be extremely damaging and at times can be worse than having no staff at all. We will provide you with a list of available roadshow staff once you have confirmed your event, and you can then pick the staff members you want for your own roadshow.  

We have worked with some of the biggest brand names in the world and know exactly what is required, don’t worry!

What locations are covered?

We cover the whole of the UK along with International jobs too; in over ten major countries.

We have locally based staff in all towns and villages across the UK – don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!