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Black Friday is almost here, offering discounts that are set to be even more popular than ever given the increases in the cost of living. For bargain hunters seeking presents, or simply replacements for big ticket items; Black Friday has become the most crucial shopping period of the year.

What is Black Friday?

An American phenomenon, it is the one day a year when almost every retailer offers massive price cuts on almost everything instore. Hundreds of thousands of products from TV’s to kettles, computers to duvets will become available at knockdown prices.

In America, it is an extremely popular event taking place just after their Thanksgiving celebrations and attracts huge crowds into every store. Noting the success of the concept, UK companies added it to their marketing strategy. It made sense as it offered any company with a mountain of stock to clear an opportunity to make a profit even at reduced prices whether on the high street or online.

Black Friday Deals

Potential deals are set to be even more competitive this year.

Major tech retailers such as Argos and Currys as well as the online giant Amazon are likely to offer massive discounts on all major brands including Sony and Samsung. Ultra HD TV’s and computers are among the most popular of all purchases on Black Friday.

With Christmas parties just around the corner, and demand for winter clothing high; retailers like Next promote Black Friday prices for most of their fashion ranges. Well known retailers like John Lewis and Marks & Spencer often hold big promotions at this time.

Online retailers always see a massive upturn in sales. You do have to be very determined if you want to get a specific item – sales online can often start just after midnight ensuring the best deals go very quickly. High street retailers often extend opening hours so as to capture even more sales.

Is Black Friday just for large companies? Or can smaller companies join in?

Black Friday is open to every company. It is just a quick, flash sale when consumers rush to grab the bargains. It makes a great promotional time since consumers are aware of the bargain possibilities and are likely to be searching them out. As long as you make your Black Friday promotions evident, and have stock on the shelves ready for buying – anyone can take part whether in the high street or online.

Just be prepared for the shopper rush. It is not just marketing support you will need, but also extra staff on the shop floor to cope with those sales. Think too about managing your car park. You might need extra marshals and stewards to organise queues and make sure that cars are parked safely.
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