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Coronavirus – Event Updates

Don’t cancel your event we can provide staff to help make it safe and still go ahead!

Want to show visitors to your event you are taking all necessary precautions to make everyone safe? So hire a few extra staff to:-

– Clean high traffic areas
– Promo staff who can double up as hand sanitiser dispensers and make sure people entering the event use them
– Event staff to hand out flyers with information about staying healthy and advice
– Marshals or stewards to advise people on how you are keeping people safe and to answer any questions they may have
– Make sure the bathrooms are cleaned regularly and not just leaving it to the venue

What are the Coronavirus symptoms?

• a temperature
• coughing
• shortness of breath

How can I stop myself from catching the Coronavirus?

• Make sure you cover your mouth and nose with a tissue (even your sleeve if you have too) NEVER your hands.
• Put any used tissues in the bin
• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and hot water if no hand sanitiser gel
• If someone is coughing or looks unwell stay away from them
• Never your eyes, nose or mouth especially if your hands are not clean

Should your event still go ahead?

Yes – The government released a statement today, 3rd March 2020. They have raised the level from low to moderate but it is still contained.

They advise to wash your hands whilst singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY it last 20 seconds and this is how long you should wash your hands for.

All venues and event organisers are saying go ahead just take extra precautions such as hand sanitisers, clean bathrooms, tissues and lots of information.

If you feel we can help in anyway then please get in touch!