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Creating a good impression at Christmas Trade Shows

Santa’s elves are busy, bells are ringing and those well-known Christmas songs can be heard everywhere. The festive season is a crucial ‘buying season’, with the need to compete across every possible sales channel. Standing out is really hard, given the vast array of competitive claims on consumer attention.

Christmas trade shows and fairs offer a fantastic opportunity. Visitors are in the mood for buying, they are actively searching for new products and gift ideas. Not surprisingly, there are countless trade shows, Christmas Fairs and Christmas markets being held all over the country. Some places like Blenheim Palace combine their Christmas market with illuminated trails, giving visitors an extra reason to attend; whereas others such as the festive trade shows like the Ideal Home Show are always heavily marketed and promoted.

How can you maximise the potential opportunities?

Create a good impression

Customers will remember a pleasant experience – and will be prepared to look for your brand again. Loyal customers will buy from you time and time again. It is always easier to sell to loyal customers than to continually seek new ones. Expanding that loyal customer base is important for your company’s long-term growth. A trade show, Christmas market or Fair is a great way to actually talk to potential customers and create a good impression.

Experiential marketing

In a digitally dominated world, it is easy to forget that there are actual people out there buying and commenting on your products. It can be an expensive mistake. Consumers like face to face contact. They like to communicate, talk and discuss products. Meeting your brand representatives at a Fair, Market or Trade Show offers opportunities to connect and discover exactly what people are thinking and buying.

Sales are only for Christmas

Some companies have to rely on Christmas for the vast majority of their sales. But remember that sales can still be made during the other 8 months. Generating sales all year round is essential. Attending a Christmas Fair or Market results in improved brand awareness throughout the year. It is the perfect opportunity to increase contact databases, encouraging people to join your mailing list and offering special deals outside the Christmas period. Try hiring our specialist data capture staff and see for yourselves the difference it can make. Our data capture staff know how to communicate with consumers, generating leads that can be maintained throughout the year.

A level playing field

Trade Shows, Christmas markets and fairs offer a totally level playing field, ideal for start up businesses as well as large well known brands. Visitors to these type of events are looking for ideas and information – they will look just as closely at a start up company and they will at a stand promoting a big brand as long as they have a reason to do so. It is an opportunity to capture attention using tried & tested promotional techniques, character mascots, and high quality staff. After all, all visitors share one key characteristic – they are ready to buy!