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Creating Energy among your exhibition staff

exhibition top tips from Dreams AgencyA lot of positive energy is needed at exhibitions. Staff are constantly on view, and need to maintain good communications as well as presenting a great brand image to encourage visitors.

Anything negative will immediately detract. Bad first impressions are discouraging – how often do you go to an exhibition and find the staff chatting among themselves, ignoring visitors. Or even worse, find the stand is completely without anyone in the vicinity. Visitors simply go away – the result is a missed opportunity to create potential business.

It is crucial that from the very start of an exhibition to the final minutes, a good impression is created the moment a visitor approaches your stand. You never know when a visitor may arrive with questions and lots of potential business on offer.

Creating the best exhibition team

Exhibitions and trade shows need special people who have the perfect face to face communication skills. They have to be capable of approaching total strangers confidently, developing conversations and generating leads.

Teamwork is essential. All the staff have to be able to work together. They need to be a tem from the beginning, with approachable friendly individuals who can immediately meld together.

Fully briefed

Exhibition staff must be focused on your company and your objectives. They need to know exactly what they are expected to do from the moment they set foot on the stand.

Target audiences

It is not enough to simply talk to people. Skilled exhibition staff need to be able to identify target customers, how to approach them and the questions that should be asked. It is important to do your pre-show research and have all the information about the type of customers you are seeking ready to brief your team.

Stand design

Design your stand effectively. It is not enough to just have a rack of brochures, a table and chairs plus a few staff standing around. Think creatively.

What will attract the attention of a potential customer at a show? It could be an eye catching design, interactive activities, computer screen visuals, competitions – anything can stimulate interest.

Make it fun

It’s hard work and can be very tiring for exhibition staff teams. Seeing customers enjoying themselves while working in a pleasant environment creates a positive experience for both staff and visitors.

Always remember that if the customers are happy, then you are more likely to gain the leads and sales you need. Team briefings need to include both hired staff and your company representatives. While on the stand, the hired team are part of your business and should be treated the same way.

Motivate your exhibition team

Provide incentives and keep your team motivated especially towards the end of the day. Personalise any rewards and give them clear targets.

Body language

Staying focused on visitors and maintaining eye contact immediately makes visitors feel special. Listen to what people are saying and avoid any negative movements such as crossing arms and legs. Above all smile! Å welcoming smile immediately creates a friendly atmosphere.

So take time to prepare and do all you can to encourage positive energy at all times.

Remember :

  • Teamwork
  • Motivate
  • Clear briefing
  • Body language
  • Make it fun
  • Smile