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Effective Marketing – Hire a Crowd!

Effective marketing is a campaign that exceeds the expectations of your customers. It needs to entice people, intrigue them and make them want to find out more. There are many ways to do this from high street flyering staff to competitions. But have you considered hiring a crowd?

Hosting an event is one way of attracting attention to your brand, your products or services. It needs to be attractive and in more ways than one. We are naturally curious, more so if we see that there are plenty of other people taking a look too.

And that’s where hiring a crowd can come in.

What is “hire a crowd”?

You may have attended an event yourself and no realised that some of the people there were hired promotional staff.

It’s more common than you think to hire a crowd of performers or promotional staff. This is because the psychology behind crowds has been studied. As a marketing tool, it is one that works.

  • Success brings more success – when a trade show stand looks busy or an event looks well-attended, people are more likely to take a look and, just as important, hang around. An empty stand or room signals that there is something not-quite-right…
  • The psychology of ‘winning’ – it’s an important psychological tool that when someone or something, like your next event, is ‘heaving’ with people, you look and feel successful. The signal that other customers see are just look at who else is enjoying their stuff.

For example, if you invite 100 people to a launch, put out seating for 50 to 60 people. If you get more than 60 people and it becomes standing room only, your event will look over-attended – and that sends an important signal to potential customers, client and partners.

Getting the most from a hired crowd

If it was just a case of hiring a group of people to turn up and consume the food and drink at your launch event, you could ask just about anybody. But if you want to act interested, ask questions and so on, you need promotional staff who understand how to do this without seeming fake.

This means hiring the right people. In other words, they need to be the right customer demographic. This means hiring promotional staff who fulfil your customer demographic in terms of gender, age, appearance, likes and dislikes even.

You need and want to hire promotional staff to create a buzz around your event. From product launches to opening restaurants, to flashmobs to gallery openings, to PR stunts and more, hiring a crowd is a great solution.

Hire a crowd today!

Contact the Dreams Agency team with details of your event and the crowd demographic you need. We’ll handpick a team of skilled promotional staff from our huge database, creating the perfect crowd for hire.

Call us on 0844 740 7056 or drop us an email Alternatively, you can use the contact form for a no-obligation quote.