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End your event or exhibition on a ‘bang’ not a ‘whimper’!

End your event or exhibition on a ‘bang’ not a ‘whimper’!How do you get people to stay all day at business events? It’s a perennial problem for every event organiser. All too often, late afternoon results in a steady exit of attendees, leaving exhibition and conference halls with fewer people around. Instead of the sound of voices, deals being negotiated or full auditoriums, the depressing sight of empty seats, smaller and smaller audiences plus empty aisles within the serried ranks of stands. Nor is it just visitors who disappear early – speakers who have finished their session, conference hosts and exhibitors are equally likely to leave.

It is an event organiser’s nightmare. Instead of an event ending with a bang, it goes out with a whimper.

A lot of business can be lost as a result. Encouraging people to stay just that bit longer can result in potential leads, sales and valuable information gathering. Larger numbers late in the day is also good for the event’s image, making it worthwhile spending more time preparing to avoid the problem.

All it takes is a little bit of initiative, time and thought at the preparation stage to make a difference.

Look carefully at the programme schedule. Spread out the sessions carefully. Avoid tiring out your attendees too early. Holding a series of events demanding intense concentration throughout the morning means that by mid afternoon, most attendees are shattered and exhausted. Break up the programme to give some time for relaxation and coffee breaks. Make sure that the food & drink available is varied and that attendees don’t find themselves stuck in long queues. Fed up with hanging around trying to get something to eat and drink, many attendees are liable to leave early so as to find something suitable elsewhere. Being hungry and thirsty is a powerful incentive to leave.

Giving attendees something different to do rather than just listen can provide much needed variety. Samsung has been experimenting with a Code Lab at recent events. Instead of attending one intense session after another, participants can go to the Code Lab for interactive, fun activities teaching new skills. Taking part results in automatic participation in a raffle that is only drawn at the very end of the event, and open only to those still present at the venue.

Having a reason to stay on is important. Instead of proving closing remarks, an attention grabbing keynote speaker, a special promotion or unusual activity designed to stimulate curiosity and possibly fun is more likely to encourage people to stay on.

You are competing for your attendee’s attention – make sure that your suggestions are too good to miss. Remember that people will talk and tell others about it, making it more likely they will return and use your services in future if they have had a good experience!

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