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Event host and hostesses can make al the difference at an event!

Event host and hostesses can make al the difference at an event!Making sure your event is a success is hard work. There is so much to do what with finding a location, timing, organising activities and speakers, dealing with catering. On the day itself, you need to make sure that everything runs to plan and that there no unexpected problems – and of course, having time to talk to your guests.

That is where event hosts and hostesses can help. Hiring some professional help will ensure that any problems are kept to a minimum and your company image is maintained at every point. You can concentrate on networking, meeting people and doing business.

Event hosts and hostesses provide the perfect assistance at events of any kind including sport, trade shows and conferences. These well trained staff can:
• Welcome guests
• Provide information,
• Hand out literature or goodie bags
• Register attendees and act as the first point of contact for your company
• Maintain the tidiness of your event space
• Provide food and drink to visitors
• Help out wherever necessary
• Supervise and ensure any timetables are kept
• Deal with capturing data, organising surveys, giveaways and other promotions
• Distribute any customer satisfaction reports
• Take care of special guests such as VIP’s and speakers

What makes a good event host or hostess?

They need to be good communicators, able to talk to people and approach strangers with confidence. They also have to be able to listen. As professionals, they are capable of coping with the long hours involved in events that have the potential to be very tiring.

Every host or hostess must be presentable and friendly, defusing any stress or awkward situation that might arise. They are proactive and take the initiative, not waiting to be told what to do.

They are aware that they are the public face of your company. If they look good, and relate well to all visitors, then it creates a good impression of your business – and helps to ensure the success of your event.