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Finding people to provide this quality of lead generation is not difficult – just talk to us!

Simply having a fantastic stand at an exhibition is not enough if you want to maximise the return on your investment. Proactively connecting with visitors is crucial.

This is where exceptional staff who really know how to talk to people, explain products and services can make a difference. These are the people who can generate the leads that your sales staff can then follow up afterwards.

Our lead generation staff excel at exhibition work and have worked successfully at top exhibitions such as Crufts and Ideal Home. They know the exhibition centres, the type of visitors who come to the exhibitions and above all they are skilled communicators.

Before we send out staff to an exhibition, we make sure they are fully briefed in advance. They are given information about the client, about the products and services as well as the target market. When they arrive at the exhibition, they will be ready to start work immediately.

For the duration of the exhibition, they became an indispensible part of your team providing help and assistance wherever necessary. They will help set up your stand and familiarise themselves with any equipment, or interactive technology. If you want them to hand out samples as well as talk to prospective customers, they can do that.

How do we work?

Phone or email us with details of your requirements. Indicate which exhibition is involved, the skill set of the staff you need and any special requirements such as a liking for dogs, or an ability to use computers.

We respond quickly and seek clarification of any queries relating to your campaign goals and targets.

We search our database and identify the most suitable people for the job. You take a look at their details, and make your choice.

Confirm the booking

We brief the chosen staff and provide any information that they need. As they are all highly experienced people, this is generally very straightforward.

You can then rest assured that on the day of the exhibition, you will have the best possible staff ready to start work generating leads as quickly and efficiently as possible.