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Hiring Flyering Staff

Do flyers work? Yes, if you get the design and distribution right!

EVERY business needs to get the word out there, letting people who they are and what they do. We often assume that online marketing has all the answers but offline marketing, like flyers and brochures are just as effective, especially if you have a flyering team handing them out.

Why invest in flyer marketing?

As a business, you need to work hard to attract attention to your business and what you offer. Online marketing ticks many boxes – you have social media, a website and other marketing tools such as email marketing.

But are YOUR customers online? Are you getting the leads you need from online to convert people into customers?

Using multiple marketing channels is the way forward which is why traditional tools like the humble flyer shouldn’t be disregarded in the digital age.

Creating a buzz around your brand

Marketing should disrupt and attract attention. And when it comes to distributing flyers in shopping centres, on the high street and other locations, you need a flyering team that know what they are doing.

A well-designed flyer that attracts the eye and gives the reader information quickly and easily will work a treat if it gets put into the right hands.

Flyering and leafleting is not about giving out as many flyers as possible in the shortest amount of time. It’s about creating a buzz with your chosen demographic.

When we know who your customers are or who this marketing campaign is aimed at, we make sure we place your leaflet is in front of the people you need it to be.

Affordable marketing

Flyers are one of the most affordable marketing tools for your business. Adding a flyering team to distribute your leaflets at a time and place that suits is affordable too.

At Dreams, we have worked on a number of small and high-profiles flyering events:

  • Single flyering events as well as complex, multiple location promotions
  • Great for small business and large high street brands too
  • Energetic, enthusiastic teams of experienced flyering staff
  • Great for drawing attention to your brand

Find out more information won’t cost you either as all our quotes for flyer marketing are given freely and without obligation. Get in touch with the team today!  Call us on 0844 740 7056