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How can you lure people to your exhibition stand?

Just taking part in an exhibition is not enough – you have to really work to get people to come to your stand. After all, they do have a vast choice of stands to visit, sometimes several hundred. Standing out from the crowd is essential.

We suggest a few ways this can be done.

Eye catching visuals

The visual appearance of a stand is the first thing that catches people’s attention as they meander round an exhibition hall. You need to have a design that reflects your brand, that instantly tells visitors what you are. Remember you have only a minute or so to catch their attention as they walk past. That first impression counts. Aim to make them curious enough to stop and talk.


Live demonstrations always catch the eye. It is human nature to stop and watch. Demonstrations enable you to show your product or service in action. It shows that the product or service actually does what it is supposed to do – all you have to do then is convince them that they need it.

Hire some good demonstrators to make sure that every demonstration goes perfectly.

Banners and Signs

Make them instantly attention grabbing. They need to be instantly visible on your stand or leading up to it. Even if people don’t have time to drop by, they are likely to notice the banner and remember the brand name.

Gamify it

Exhibition visitors like a challenge. Having interactive games on your stand means that they are willing to stop and have a go. The range of potential games are vast – you can set up some computer based games, simulation games, challenges, photo booths, riddles and puzzles.


Have some giveaways available. It could be small samples of your wares, key rings, book marks, mousemats, branded flash drives, power banks, calendars, notebooks, pens. In fact, anything that people are likely to need to use on a regular basis will prove useful giveways. It makes sure your brand is kept in front of their attention even when back in the office or at home.


This has to be one of the most popular incentives for anyone to visit a stand. Just trying some new food or drink, or enjoying a quick snack is an instant crowd-pleaser. Exhibitions are busy places, and café queues can be long. Being offered a snack at a stand is guaranteed to encourage people to stop and chat.

Free wi-fi

Provide a wi-fi hotspot. It makes people stop and use it – and take a look at your stand while they doing so.

Video presentations

Having the opportunity to watch a video presentation means that visitors attention can be kept engaged even if the stand staff are busy.


Even the simplest workshop on offer is likely to draw people to your stand. Visitors like to try things for themselves and take away branded information.

Somewhere to sit

Exhibitions are tiring places. Offering visitors a chance to sit down and talk for a few minutes is a very attractive proposition.

Dynamic Exhibition Staff to attract the public to your stand

Experienced exhibition staff are critical to not only bring people over to your stand but to help show your products and services, keep them engaged and collection their details.

To find out more about hiring temporary staff to work on your stand then give us a call or contact us here to send us an email.