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Dream Big

Is your dream to become the next Kendall Jenner? Want to be on the cover of a worldwide magazine? Over the years modelling has become more and more popular with thousands of people dreaming of being the next top model.  To become a model it takes dedication, hard work and discipline, especially today with social media being a bigger platform for competitors and the beauty industry constantly evolving.

Gone are the days of being scouted or spotted so to stand out from the crowd you should have a strategy, motive, and a plan. Luckily modelling has several categories so one to suit everyone with the ambition of being a model.  Below are some tips to kickstart your modelling career…

Plus Size Models: Plus size models are getting more popular today by taking part in more and more editorials and getting involved with advertisements for clothing and fashion accessories for all styles and brands. Gradually and progressively designers are increasing their brands for the plus size market as the demand becomes ever more popular in today’s society.

Runway Models: A runway model is a platform in which the models showcase the designs and clothes of brands by walking on a runway in front of crowds of potential buyers. They must change regularly and are often employed based on their practise so the more experience you have, the better. (Better get strutting!)

Promotional Models: Often businesses will hire a physically attractive model to attract customers to their product by interacting with them on a more personal level to promote their brand. They are most popular at events, shopping centres, trade shows and many other public places.

Glamour Models: These models are mostly seen in calendars, magazines, lingerie adverts etc.  The requirements are less strict concerning the model’s physical appearance as its often based on the preference of the brand.

Fitness Models: Fitness models are used most often in magazines advertisements and on social media to promote trainers, diets, and lifestyles. These models have well defined bodies with toned muscles and often have experience in fitness related activities.

Posing with Confidence

Posing can be awkward at first so its best to understand posing before jumping straight in. Study your favourite models, watch the way they walk, they way they hold their posture, watch YouTube tutorials, or read all your favourite modelling magazines. To gain confidence with posing, why not set up your own tripod and practice by yourself until you feel comfortable enough to walk a runway. Or simply have a friend help record you. Once you have mastered the runway walk, you can do just about anything! After all, practice makes perfect.

Posing in front of the camera

One of the most important steps to becoming a successful model is learning the art of taking a masterpiece photo by working with the photographer. Having the right posing skills is essential for modelling and cooperating with a photographer with help you to do this, with both being equally skilled at their professions. The photographer will be able to enhance your skills by using their knowledge of lighting and framing to get the best shot! One step closer to becoming the best model you can be.

Boosting your exposure with a portfolio  

One of the first requirements that clients or agencies will look at is a modelling portfolio that will showcase your strongest qualities so getting those stunning images you practised for is essential. It would help to have two versions of your portfolio, an online version with a link, and a printed version to hand out when you meet someone in person. This will boost your exposure, so you are more step closer to building a successful modelling career.

Embrace the word “NO”

Unfortunately, rejection is part of the package with modelling so you must prepare yourself for having doors slammed in your face. Even the most successful and attractive models in the world have been told “NO” on multiple occasions before and after making it in the industry! This does not mean you are not good enough or not quite ready to be a model, but simply because different brands have different preferences. Start practising the ability to shrug off any criticism straight away, let it be a motivation to keep going until you hear the word “YES!”.

Professionalism is key

Staying professional is extremely important in the modelling industry, after all nobody wants to work with a diva! This means, answering phone calls, replying to messages and emails promptly and at all costs do not be late. Not only is it not professional but with photo shoots and castings calls, there is often a strict schedule so if anything, you should be at least 15 minutes early! Word travels fast in this industry, so building a reliable reputation will help you move up the ladder quickly while helping you build your organisation and time keeping skills.

Build your platform!

Today, social media is the fastest way to get noticed by agencies. Believe it or not, building up your social media with your stunning photos and gaining a more noticeable following will encourage agencies to take you into consideration when deciding to sign you or not. With social media being a massive platform for advertisement, more and more businesses are using models with built in audience to promote their product. It is not essential for a model to be present with social media and have a large following, but it is certainly considered an advantage. So, when developing your social media, consider what you stand for and how you engage with your followers. Use your platform to influence and inspire other ambitious models.


To be successful as a model, it is not all glamorous and relaxed. It takes real commitment and maintaining a diet, fitness, and a beauty regimen. Are you willing to do a 12-hour shoot in the freezing cold under wet and windy conditions while not complaining? Are you willing to travel long distances for trips away from your loved ones for a long period of time? Would you be willing to try different and dramatic changes to your appearance to suit the agency? Could you step out of your comfort zone when bookings are slow? These commitments are the downside to modelling but its also exciting, rewarding, enjoyable and glamorous. If you are aware of the possibilities of both sides of the business and to take the good with the bad than you are more than ready!

Keeping up Appearances

Taking care of your health, lifestyle, skin, hair, and body are critical with modelling, even when you are going through a rough patch and not getting as many bookings, its vital to keep up with your appearance. You can still make it as a model regardless of your physical beauty however with majority of models, the standards are quite inflexible so looking your best is a real attribute. For a lot of famous and success models, they follow a strict regimen and often have help from professional beauty therapist and dietitians. Some of these may include, not smoking, drinking water like a fish to stay hydrated, taking supplements, using different skincare products, washing and moisturising face every day and taking off their make up every night, working out every day and following a meal plan. Not only will maintaining your appearance boost your self esteem but help you professional also, after all a model who takes care of herself is considered much more of a quality than those who don’t.

Stay Safe!

When modelling you are vulnerable, especially when you are new to this. The good thing about having a reliable talent agency is that they take care of all the setting up shoots and bookings job. However, there are many scams out there that will try and convince you to pay for modelling school or have some type of training and it is not essential. It can be easy to fall into the trap of fake cast calls especially when they guarantee you lots of money and fame in return. So, do not fall into the trap and keep those around you informed of what’s happening. Do your research and stay safe!

Good luck out there and enjoy the experience!