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How to decide which is the right exhibition for my business – Exhibition Top Tips

Choosing the right exhibition for your company can be hard. There are just so many of them, and most will have some relevance to your business. For example a food company could well find customers at exhibitions dealing with food, lifestyle, catering, pubs, hotels, camping & caravanning, weddings – the list is endless. Few companies can afford to exhibit at every one. But how do you choose which ones are right for your business at this point?

We’ve put together some top exhibition tips for businesses

Draw up a list of possible exhibitions. Åsk the show organisers for information such as :-

• How long the exhibition has been running?
• How many visitors have attended previous shows?
• Do those visitors match target markets?
• How is the show being promoted?
• Which media are likely to be attending?
• What exhibition packages are available?

Check out the competition

Find out which companies have already confirmed that they will be participating in the exhibition. Take a look at the list to see if any are your direct competitors.

Choose your spot carefully

Don’t aim to be too close to any direct competitors. You want to be able to stand out. Choosing a stand where you can benefit from the presence of companies offering products that complement your products and services can be very beneficial since that you can feed off some of their publicity during the exhibition.

Timing can be crucial if you want really good space. Highly desirable locations especially those near the main entrance tend to go very quickly.

Does booth size matter? Most companies aim for the biggest they can afford, but it might not be the best option. A smaller one might be more successful. Think about how much space you need. Ask for a floor plan and study it carefully. Do you want to be in the main area, at the centre of the exhibition, along a main aisle, or in a corner stand?

Plan your booth at least four to six months in advance. Work out your displays, what you are planning to feature, how many staff you will need, budget and transport.

When budgeting remember you can use a stand design time and time again with just minor modifications. There may be additional costs such as installation, dismantling the booth, travel, shipping charges, logistics, staffing, promotional material. Keep an eye on your budget throughout your preparations.

Choose your exhibition stand with care

Design is crucial. You need to be noticeable. Be individual, stand out. Don’t just follow trends. Link the design to your company’s aims and objectives.

Book parking and passes

You will need to ensure there is easy access and parking while the stand is being installed and dismantled, passes may be needed. The same is true during the exhibition itself.

Hire experienced exhibition staff

If you are a sole trader, don’t want to take your own staff out of your business for a few days or simply need experienced professionals then you can hire qualified exhibition staff from an experienced agency like Dreams Agency.