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Increase Sales and Brand Awareness with Pop Up Shops

Looking for a way to develop sales or create a brand image? Or simply to get your name out there among consumers? Ever thought about setting up a pop up shop?

Such shops are increasingly common on high streets around the country, as well as at venues, festivals and events of all kinds. Nor does it have to be an expensive exercise. Some companies who have taken on pop up shops have created up to a third of their annual income within just a few weeks, or even days at a big festival like Glastonbury or the Great Dorset Steam Rally.

The potential opportunities provided by pop up shops have not gone unnoticed. Local authorities such as Carmarthenshire Council, keen to encourage local businesses have been setting up high street pop up shops. Local craftspeople and small companies have found such shops an ideal way to develop brand awareness, develop business concepts and sell their products. In London, speciality food retailer Partridges has long been involved with creating short term small speciality markets adjacent to their stores, in which small producers can connect with the public.

The options for pop-up shop creation are wide ranging. Vacant shop units can be found everywhere, as attempts are made to revitalise high street shopping. You can hire a small shop unit on a high street or opt for a gazebo or display stand at a Sunday market or special event.

There is no doubt that operating pop-up shops can be very profitable in every way. NOVELTEA is a company which utilised this method of trading as a way of developing its brand. The company concept was itself unusual – cold brewed spirits infused with tea. Typical drinks on offer include Earl Grey tea infused with and gin, or Moroccan green mint tea with rum. The only way to initially explain it and get people to taste the brew was to provide samples and talk directly to consumers. Pop up shops were the perfect answer as it offered direct consumer engagement.

Pop Up Shops Create Opportunities

The key to success in pop up shopping does require a little thought and preparation. It is not enough to simply provide product and have a couple of retail assistants to sell it. Maximising the benefits of a pop up shop at any location, whether on the high street, at a festival, event or market requires more than that.

Consumers need to be engaged from the moment they see a sign. They need to immediately have an idea as to what you are offering, so the brand logo and signage has to eye catching. Displays too have to be inspiring, encouraging potential shoppers to look further. Above all, the attention of shoppers needs to be engaged so why not promote it with a pop up crowd. The appearance of a sudden crowd outside the store, singing and dancing or even within the store itself will make people stop and look curiously at what is happening. Making sure there are some press photographers around adds to the long-term effect, generating a media buzz. Naturally, a lot of people will take selfies or images and post them on their social media pages. It doesn’t take much to generate attention.

To complete the offer, make sure there are sampling staff around to capture names and addresses for long term brand development – after all some of those people watching could well have stores or businesses that might be interested in your product.