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International Exhibitions – A Dream for Our Teams of Promotional Girls

Every month is busy with clients hiring promotional girls and models for exhibitions and shows for venues across the UK. But the exhibition circuit knows no bounds and in the last few months, we have worked with clients to provide models and promotional girls for international exhibitions and events too.

Just take a look at some of our recent projects and clients…

The launch of Huawei’s Honor 8X – the European Tour

As a huge Chinese multinational technology company, working with Huawei has seen our promotional staff reach further than thought possible!

Providing the very latest innovations in telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics, Huawei are constantly bringing new gadgets and tech to the European market, over 64 of our event staff were involved in their recent European tour with events taking place in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Berlin, Stuttgart and Cologne. Larger events in Manchester and London also benefitted from the professional touch of our promotional and event staff.

Thousands attended the events and with a range of technological innovations coming out of the company, it’s no wonder that their events were often oversubscribed. For our promotional event staff, this proved to be quite challenging.

The more people who attend events and the hungrier they are to get their hands on the latest tech, the more innovative, responsive and energetic our promotional girls have to be.

But it’s not just the innovation, it’s the price point of Huawei goods, especially smartphones that make them the stand-out tech company in a competitive marketplace.

Launched late 2018, the Huawei Honor 8X smartphone has taken the market by storm. So much so, that the European release has made this value-packed phone a must-have. Whilst other companies charge several hundred pounds for the latest handset – over £1,000 in one case – the Honor 8X comes in at a very affordable £155 or thereabouts.

It’s a feature-packed phone with the latest camera tech, fingerprint scanner and a lightweight aluminium frame. With so many features, our promotional girls were able to showcase the new smartphone to the thousands of people who attended the Huawei European tour events.

The tour was a huge success. Huawei remains at the top of its game and with our staff on hand to promote their phone, events were memorable and successful. At Dreams Agency, we work at premier events across the UK and in over 12 international locations too.

We use local staff here in the UK and on the continent to work with clients to promote their products and services. As well as global players like Huawei, we work with smaller and medium-sized enterprises too.

Could we do the same for you?

Global promotions are part and parcel of what we do but no matter where or what your event is, we have the promotional girls and event staff to make it successful, sassy and vibrant.

For more information or to run through your event requirements call us on 0844 740 7056 or complete the contact form.