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…it is far more than a camera click…

I was lucky enough to born to age without fancy technologies as smartphones, 4D cinemas and talking devices which are much more clever than you. Are you asking why lucky?
I could write a book about it, but this blog is not about to bore you to death. Although I must mention 3 things which are still super important for me.
• To be on time – back to the past: meeting with friends, no phone, you are late. Result – no party!
• Rely on my skills and instincts without my lovely friends Alexa, YouTube and Google maps. And this one has one big advantage. if someone ever decides to turn off the Wi-Fi I won’t die.
• And the last and very important thing for me. First, I owned a camera and then a phone. No digital camera, I shoot on film!

…pick a PASSION over a technology…

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. No worries, you’ll find out in a moment. Let`s get back to the last point. That was a moment when my passion for photography started. “AUTO MODE” this term in photography didn`t exist. I had to learn all camera setting, even set up how far exactly the person standing on my lens. I remember to be shut in the dark room with my dad and use all the chemicals to get the photos. And my passion for photography have been keep growing and growing and still growing. I`ve never called myself a professional photographer even now when I charge people for photoshoots, it`s still so much to learn. Instead of that I call myself a passionate photographer. And I`m not the only one. There are so many photographers like me who have an ability to turn something ordinary to extraordinary.

…it is always person behind the THING…

What type of person are you? You rather save some money or pay to someone who has a passion for a thing? Of course, you will save but lose much more somewhere else. Be honest, you`ll never get a same shot even with a most quality camera built in your new super cool smartphone. Why? Go back to my headline… Yes, it is far more than a click. It`s passion, point of view, camera settings, actions, feelings a many more. Don`t rely on someone who just click the button with any emotion. You don`t want to end with tons of selfies from your event. It`s boring! You need to tell a story which is behind it, catch actions and emotions. You can`t run a successful business without a great marketing. Everybody knows that. Start with a booking a photographer for you event and you`ll see differences.
We are not just clicking. We are creating the story!

By Martina Rehakova