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King Charles III Coronation – Saturday, 6 May 2023

With an audience of millions, the coronation of King Charles III is set to attract massive attention. From the massive crowds lining the procession route in London, to all those watching on TV, or taking part in local events; this is an event that will undoubtedly prove popular.

For businesses, it marks an incredible opportunity to capitalise on the event and the opportunities it presents especially when it comes to promotional activity.

Employing extra merchandising staff to encourage sampling of specially created food or to distribute special promotional merchandise like key rings, pens, mugs, t-shirts, caps, flags and bunting is a great way to develop a brand and attract new customers. It helps create a buzz about your products and give your brand extra visibility.

A big advantage to using promotional products in this way is that they are inexpensive, and useful – which is important given the increasing attention being paid to issues of sustainability. Compared to other forms of advertising, distributing promotional products is relatively cheap allowing you to get your brand in front of a massive audience without breaking the bank.

Nor is it just a one off use for a couple of days. If you carefully choose your products and position your brand carefully, such items can remain in use for some time for example every time someone uses a pen bearing a logo or brand name, it provides an instant reminder ensuring users are aware of the brand.

Distributing promotional products shows appreciation for your customer base, and arouses interest from potential customers. It encourages customer loyalty and repeat business which is really important to every business.

With the Coronation looming in just a matter of weeks, there is still time to take advantage of the potential marketing opportunities. All it needs is a little preparation and thought to decide what type of promotional material you want to distribute. Think too about the locations you propose to use – do you want to focus on handing out items at the big events around the Coronation itself or work on a more local basis offering food samples instore or at festivals? Or providing promotional merchandise for use by local community groups holding events over the Coronation period?

Don’t forget to book your promotional staff early as demand is high

Talk to us as early as possible to ensure that you get the staff you need, in whatever location you require.