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Our Work – Our Diverse Promotional Work Pedigree

Promotional work is, by its very nature, diverse. As an exhibition model, you will enjoy a varied career with an eclectic mix of promotional roles and events under your belt, as these showcase of some of our most recent work highlights.

These snippets of our work show just how adaptable our promotional models are. One minute they can be meeting and greeting medical professionals, the next standing in the pitlane of a motorsport event as a grid girl…

Celebrating several years of business success

We are proud of the fact that we have clients who turn to us time and again for all kinds of promotional events, trade shows and exhibitions. So we were delighted to supply promotional girls and hostesses for a regular client who wishes to celebrate the 7th birthday of their brand at the Carlsberg Casino Sports bar in Leicester Square London.

Capturing leads and sales

Our models are skilled and experienced in a range of promotional services, one being sales and data capture. Working at premier venues across the UK and the capital, our promotional girls recently provides sales and data capture at an ExCeL London event.

Festival fun

There are hundreds of festivals held at venues across the UK each year. Growing in number and popularity, we put together Dream Agency Festival teams so we could respond to the requests from clients. At a festival in Surrey recently, our staff assisted with car parking, meeting and greeting, giveaways as well as being available to assist customers.

Pitlane pedigree

The pitlane and the grid of motorsport have been the starting point of the careers of many of our promotional models and grid girls. And so it’s great to see that our grid girls are still making an impact. We were once again commissioned as the official provider to MotoGP Cashback at Silverstone this year.

Award ceremonies

Our beautiful girls were part of the Dental Awards 2019 held in Westminster, London. As well as making sure that everyone’s glass was kept topped up and the evening flowed smoothly, our hostesses meted and greeted award winners and audience members.

Getting a promotional message heard

Successful promotional events are ones that are memorable which is exactly what our girls added to a Ladbrokes nationwide promotion for their special offers. Promotional girls were also on hand at recent new store openings in 2019 too.

Self-service at Starbucks

As a huge national chain, Starbucks is a high street staple and when they introduced self-service coffee machines in their stores, our promotional girls were on-hand to make sure customers got the hang of using them.

Football crazy!

Mick George Ltd is not only a huge construction partner but a sponsor of Cambridge FC. Our delightful promotional girls were on hand to make sure that the behind scenes get-together at a recent fixture ran smoothly, with all VIPs greeted on behalf of the club’s sponsor, Mick George.

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