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Product Testing – Why? How?

Scarcely 30% of new product launches survive more than a few months That is the scary figure facing any company planning to introduce a new service or product.

No matter how optimistic or convinced you are that your product launch will be one of those survivors – the fact is you have to constantly be aware of that scary statistic from day one.

Taking it into consideration from the beginning means that you do stand a good chance of reducing the odds in your favour. Undertaking detailed consumer research before the launch will make a difference.

Consumers can be very honest and brutal in their opinions. The problem is that such adverse comments will not always reach you in time. Disliking a product or encountering problems with a service will often only be shared with others in their social network – and those negative messages soon go viral as word spreads.

Organising some sessions of product testing pre-launch is the solution. We can provide the ideal people to test out any product or service anywhere in the country. There are over 30,000 people registered with us to do such product testing, covering all types of backgrounds, gender, size and ages. This means product testing sessions can involve very specific groups. Typical examples have included a gaming app targeting males 30 to 50 or cosmetics designed for professional females aged 17 to 29 living in London.

By working with us on those sessions you get detailed feedback. This can highlight potential problems such as dislike of the brand name, lack of understanding, difficulties using an online website, taste or product malfunctions – as well as any complimentary opinions!

As a result you have time to take those comments into account and make any changes or alterations needed to solve potential problems before the launch actually takes place. Such product tests can be done as often as you need to make sure that everything about the product or service is as perfect as possible.

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