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Promo SpotlightPromo Interview – Megan

Megan moved to London three years ago and has been a part of the ‘Dream Team’ since then. When she is not working as promotional staff she is a supply teacher and when not doing that is a dancer.

During the Coronavirus pandemic Coral and Ladbrokes needed models for a video and photo shoot to show how social distancing will work in their retail outlets. They were so impressed they booked her again the following week.

What did you have to do Megan?

The job involved making a safety video for both staff and customers. We had to shoot the video for the staff first making sure they were fully aware of Social Distancing rules and Ladbrokes/Corals rules.

For the second part I had to dress, up as a customer and had to deliver some lines. This will play on a loop when the customers enter the store.

It was really great to see how seriously they are taking the welfare of their staff and customers. Also looking after us on set making sure we adhered to the social distancing and hand sanitising rules.

What does Megan do?

Megan has lots of strings to her bow and some of the things she most enjoys doing is VIP hostessing, acting, event management, demonstrating and being a brand ambassador.

Megan said “I really enjoy the variety of promotional work especially meeting new people. I like the fact I am working in different locations and for all types of different businesses. I consider myself to be a real people person”.

What has been Megan’s favourite job so far?

Well besides the Ladbrokes shoot. She was a hostess at the Brit Awards and for the Lawn tennis association. But if she had to pick one, it would be ICE Gaming exhibition which is held at London ExCeL each year.