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Why promotional models and grid girls (and boys!) add glamourous appeal to any event

Marketing isn’t just about selling stuff. It’s about making an event memorable. It’s about pushing boundaries, making connections with customers and leaving a favourable last impression with clients.

And it is for all of these reasons that our promotional models have been in hot demand lately. For photoshoots to the catwalk, from the pitlane to the booth, why are promotional models still in such high demand?

The benefits of hiring promotional models

There are three reasons why…

#1 Glamour, appeal and sass

We live in a topsy turvy world where bad news rumbles on from one thing to another. When people attend events, they do so as a form of escapism. Encourage them into this world with the glamourous appeal of grid girls.

As well as attractive, grid girls are decked head to toe in your logo and that means an increase in brand awareness. Supported by other branded items as well as conversation, your brand stands out.

#2 Professional and efficient

Our promotional models, male and female, are always in demand for photoshoots. We know why – studio time is expensive, as is hiring a professional photographer and so you need the models to arrive ahead of time and when they are being photographed, understand how to model the items or clothing so that they stand out.

There is no compensation for experience and our promotional models are certainly that.

#3 A sprinkle of something different

For as long as there has been marketing, there have been promotional girls. Adding a zing of glamour and a zest of sassiness to any event, they are in as big a demand today as they ever were.

It is the versatility of promotional girls (and boys!) that make them so important as well as a versatile addition to any event or promotion. They can be costumed performers, they can be salespeople, they are engaging and enticing, they can make your brand, products or services memorable, they can put marketing material in front of the right people, they can gather feedback and build a list of leads for your sales team to follow up on…

The list could go on but what this is essentially saying is that promotional girls are more than just pretty faces – they are experienced marketing staff too!

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