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Seven things you should look for when choosing a staffing agency

Organising events is not for the faint hearted. It needs a lot of skill and attention to make every event successful. Make sure your choice is right by ensuring your chosen company has all the key characteristics required.

We’ve identified the seven key characteristics needed by a global event staffing agency.


An events agency needs the right background, proving it has organised successful events in the past. This means they will know the type of staff that will be needed as well as the potential problems and issues that could arise. A good agency will know how to deal with emergencies and unexpected situations.


Flexibility and versatility are crucial when it comes to organising events.


No matter how stressful, no matter what is going wrong, a good events agency will remain calm under pressure, ensuring all timetables are met.


Every member of an events team needs to be reliable. You need to know that you can trust them to do the job under any circumstances. Companies need to have the confidence that their chosen events company will have a team in place, ready to work as and when needed with minimal supervision and that tasks will be completed on time.

Good Availability

It is very important that an events team is available as requested. If they say they are offering 24/7 support, then that is what must be provided. Hours can be long especially at events such as concerts and exhibitions and events teams need to be available during the entire time.


Events teams need to be pleasant, approachable, friendly, outgoing. Good communication skills are crucial. Above all, events people need to smile and talk to anyone!


It might be 10 o’clock at night and the events team has been on site since eight in the morning – but the team still has to be just as enthusiastic, efficient whatever the time. Even when tired, the job has to be done just as enthusiastically. Managing events is hard work, and your team has to be able to constantly motivate others and keep going until the end.

Need to hire staff for an event?

Dreams Agency, also part of the Envisage Agency Group, have been supplying temporary staff to events since 2010. The people we provide have all the above skills. If you want to find our more or simply get a quote pop us an email or give us a call, you will find our contact details here!