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Street Team Marketing

Ever considered street team marketing as part of your promotional package? It is more than just sampling and flyering and is a perfect way of attracting attention, given that people are increasingly spending time outdoors no matter what the weather.

Street team marketing has evolved significantly from its basic roots in sampling and flyering. It has become a much more innovative and interactive form of face to face marketing. It’s very cost-effective and has great results.

How has street team marketing changed?

Brand ambassadors have appeared dealing with targeted branding

Stresses fun interactions

Can take place any time, any place

How it works – a few ideas:

Branded cycles
Very visible and popular! Environmentally friendly, these bikes are very versatile. Use them as sampling vehicles, mobile advertising boards, ride sharing. They also mean that teams can cover a large area quickly.

Walking advertising
An old idea given a new slant as these backpack boards can be used by walkers, Segway users, roller skaters. Simple, visible and very effective as a way to attract attention to special offers, store openings or unusual events.

Piggyback onto a larger event
Take advantage of big events taking place in your locality such as festivals or exhibitions. Place a street team outside or near the venue. Look too at live marketing events which might include large numbers of food trucks or brand experiences.

Capture leads
Equip your street team with mobile technology such as IPads or smart phone landing pages. Provide some incentives such as a free trial, giveaways or special offers to encourage people to provide their contact information.

Social media
Encourage people to share brand experiences on social media. It could include photos with street teams, wearing branded merchandise or sampling something new. If time is all important, opt for a simple hashtag or brand mention – you will gain extra followers and reach an ever increasing audience.

Costumed characters
Guaranteed to catch attention. Who doesn’t stop, look, smile and take photos when a yeti, Mickey Mouse, Big Dog or other character meanders past in the street. Put your street team into some costumes and see the result!

Product sampling
Everyone loves to try something new. A free sample is always welcomed. It gets new products instantly into the hands of consumers, driving awareness and increasing sales.

Maximising your impact by getting the best street teams in the business.

Contact us now to see how we can help you. We have fantastic stream teams, promotional staff, costumed characters ready and waiting to make your campaign a success.