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Student Marketing

student marketingYour Partner in a Successful Student Marketing Campaign

We are part of the Envisage Agency Group who are a leading promotional staffing agency, with thousands of talented event staff ready and willing to make a difference for your brand.

The student population has a combined spending power of £20 billion a year. Are you looking to claim your slice of the market?

Why your student marketing event needs to hit the right notes

Student marketing is all about putting the right offers in front of the right people. We work with brands to promote their products and services alongside great all-year-round student deals, as well as discounts and loyalty programmes.

However, student marketing needs to be delivered with a higher impact. Students are often forward-thinking and dynamic in their approach to the products they want and need. We work with you to create a campaign that really hits the mark.

Fast-paced, dynamic, versatile and delivered to your target audience, our student marketing teams are the people to get more from your next campaign.

There are many benefits to partnering with an agency like ours to deliver your next student marketing campaign;

Nationwide coverage – we have talented event and promotional staff across the UK. We can reach any campus and student village, facilitating events at student bars and other social hangouts anywhere in the UK.

Dynamic – we can run your student marketing campaign in the way that you want, from focus groups, handing out flyers, sampling stations to placing your products direct in their hands.

Outside the box thinking and actions – as part of any event, we engage your customers in conversation. For you, this is valuable feedback and information you can use in the future.

Interactive – our teams are made up of talented and driven people. We don’t sit and wait for students to come to us – we go to them!

Delivering the service that you want. And supplying teams for events on campus in Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland to drive your student marketing strategy. Also can facilitate the whole campaign or anything in-between! The choice is yours.

How we can help your student brand

We work with major national and global brands, as well as small businesses, to deliver student marketing events across the UK.

Working across all sectors including beauty products, recruitment, design, housing and many more.

Getting the right results is the key metric of success for any marketing campaign. But our student marketing teams understand that they need to be responsive and dynamic, adapting their activities and approach within the boundaries of the marketing strategy to ensure success.

Results speak for themselves, so why not find out more? So call us today on 0844 740 7056 or complete the contact us form. Working together, we can make your student marketing campaign a big success.