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Summer and outside events are a match made in heaven

Here are ten top tips to make sure your summer event is perfect.

1. Add some personal touches
Think about how you can create a personal touch for participants. Are you providing goodie bags? Don’t leave them as an anonymous corporate sample, put people’s names on them. Think too about what your audience are really interested in and make the event relevant.

2. Invitations
Take a few seconds extra when sending out invitations and personalise them. An unusual or themed invite will make it stand out and encourage people to seriously consider coming.

3. Theme
Whatever your chosen theme, emphasise key messages and brand identity by using coloured lighting, and creative elements such as the use of character mascots, promotional personnel.

4. Venue
Think about how your theme can be stressed via your choice of venue. A traditional theme can be given extra atmosphere by opting for a historic space. Add some imaginative touches to your presentation. How about giving it a red carpet element with a hired crowd creating a touch of Hollywood magic?

5. Wet Weather
Sunny, warm days are perfect for summer events – but this is Britain, and there is always the chance of wet or cool weather. Make sure there is an alternative available in the form of a marquee or indoor space to provide some shelter. This means your event will go ahead no matter whether it is too hot, too wet or too muddy. Having some supplies of branded umbrellas and ponchos available will also create extra good will.

6. Production
Make sure that a good sound system has been installed. You will want everyone to hear what is being said or done during the event. If it goes on into the evening, lighting may also be needed.

7. Add a sensory element
Give your event an extra impact by adding a sensory element. The aroma of flowers is a key part of a summer’s day, but scent is all too often forgotten in event preparation. Why not include scented invitations?

8. Summer menus
Barbeques are a common element in summer events, but why not add an extra touch by including a variety of food trucks? It adds variety and all tastes and diets can be included.

9. Entertainment
Outdoor events provide lots of scope for adding some entertainment to the event. Think about an outdoor band, a magician, stilt walkers, acrobats, and if your event continues into the night fire eaters and fire jugglers add a real touch of spectacle and wonder.

10. Memories
Make sure your guests leave with lots of memories of the event. Themed goodie bags are always popular, likewise special photographs especially if taken alongside a character mascot!