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The Captive Audience – Why it’s a good idea to use Sampling Staff

The ‘Weekly Shop’ – its something we all have to do regularly, isn’t it? Whether you’re an organized shopper who checks their fridges and cupboards, meal plans and maps their route round the aisles or someone who goes in store with a vague idea of what they fancy eating, it’s a weekly recurrent task that takes us into our local supermarket to spend our hard earned cash. To the big supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco this is fantastic news – regular, loyal customers who are essentially a ‘captive audience’!

Why Is Product Sampling So Effective in Supermarkets?

Customers are entering the store ready and willing to buy products and spend money. By positioning a sampling stand at the entrance (where they would naturally pause to pick up a basket, trolley or self-scanning device) you are creating an enticing distraction and offering a ‘treat’ or ‘reward’ for them undertaking their weekly chore. Everyone loves a freebie, and the chance to try something new is irresistible! Additionally in terms of branding, it allows your target audience the opportunity to use all their senses to fully engage with your product – where else would a potential customer be able to feel, smell, taste and touch a product before purchasing? And then be able to give you honest, on the spot feedback?

Why Use Dreams Agency for Sampling Staff?

We have thousands of experienced sampling staff across the country. They have the confidence to approach your target customer, engage them in conversation and obtain product feedback. You could of course opt to use your own staff for the sampling, but do they have the particular skill set required to optimize the time they spend on the sampling stand? Time that could be better spent doing their usual job?
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