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The trend in using influencers to promote your brand

The importance of a recommendation

Recommendations and reviews are now commonplace in our lives and research backs up their importance.  92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know directly, and anonymous reviewers have a 70% trust rate when they post online about a brand. *

Why use Dreams influencers to recommend your brand or service?

Our promotional staff are often great social media influencers too.  From 2k followers up to over 30k, we have a variety of different influencers, with different specialisms who can help promote your product/service or event.  You could even pick a Dreams promo staff member for your event who is also a great social influencer and pay extra for her to promote the event pre and during.

Who do I choose?

As long as you are clear about your target audience, we can help with the rest!  It could be that you have clothes that need modelling, or you are promoting a drink or a service.  You will have an understanding of who your target market is, and we can help you match your brand to our Dreams influencers.  Added to that, you will also know what social media channels works best for you, so that will help when we are matching influencers to your brief.

What budget do I need?

The best thing about Dreams influencers is that there is no contract with the influencer, tying you in for months with just one or a small selection.  You can try a one-off with a few influencers or try one of the packages we offer.  This means instead of £1000’s outlay, you can test what works best for you with a budget of as little as £500.

How do I measure if it worked?

You can do this a variety of ways.  Our influencers will report back to you on the reach their post got.  On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube you can ask them to post your website. On Instagram you can ask them to tag you and add your website in their biog for 24 hours.

Following the posts you can monitor whether you have new followers on your social accounts; you can check your web stats to see if there was an increase in traffic coming through to your website through social media, or specific social media.

What’s our final bit of advice?!

Have a really clear objective and write a detailed brief.  The more information you provide, the easier it is to match influencers to your brief!

For more information call our team on 0844 740 7056 or complete the contact form below.