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Thinking about exhibiting at a trade show this year? 

Exhibition TipsIt could be the most important business decision you will make.

The advantages are all too clear:

Face to Face

It shows your customers that you are human, allowing them to put a face to the brand. Personal contact is far better than online communication in building trust, relationships and long term sales. Exhibiting allows you to meet lots of people within a short time.

Improve brand awareness

Business is a competitive world, whatever your product or service.  You need to stand out.  Being seen at an exhibition builds visibility, especially if you use eye catching designs and promotional activity on your stand. It also stresses that as a business you are serious about your long term development.

Gain sales opportunities and close some deals

Market research has shown that one in two visitors make purchases at exhibitions and trade shows.  It is a great place to sell directly to decision makers who are in the mood to buy.

Find out what your competitors are doing

This is the perfect place to undertake research into competing brands, and why they are succeeding.  Take time to walk the exhibition halls and study the competition.

Stay ahead of the trends and future development within your industry

Taking part in an exhibition is more than just exhibiting on a stand. It’s an opportunity to take part in seminars, listen to talks, research opportunities and trends. But never leave your stand unattended – hire some specialist temporary staff who can cover for you and deal with potential customers throughout the day.

Obtain instant feedback from potential customers on your products and services

Talking to people who come to your stand is the ideal way of finding out what people think.  They are willing to watch demonstrations, try out products and services and give valuable feedback.  It can result in valuable information that will benefit your company.

Make new business connections

Talk to other exhibitors.  You may find some useful suppliers or connections that will help your business develop.

Exhibitions attract huge numbers of people – all potential customers

Just think of all those people who come through the doors at a trade show.  Pre-pandemic, there were 9.1 million visitors to trade shows, resulting in spending of over £11 billion.  As industry confidence returns, exhibitor numbers and visitor attendance is growing again  – so take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Build up your industry network

Networking has always been a valuable way to build businesses.  Exhibitions are the best way to meet a lot of people who are interested in your business sector within a very short period of time.  It can open up opportunities that might not otherwise have come your way.

Hire temporary staff to help at your exhibition

Taking part in exhibitions is a crucial part of any company marketing and business development strategy.  Talk to us today and find out how we can help you generate business at your next exhibition, by providing the specialist promotional, meet & greet, demonstrators and other staff that can make your stand a success.