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Top Tips for First Time Exhibitors

Planning on taking part in an exhibition for the first time? With thousands of people streaming through the doors of an exhibition centre, trade show or showground, there is a massive potential audience. So how do you maximise sales and marketing?

Take a look at our checklist for some suggestions

1. Register early and choose a stand where there is plenty of passing traffic, especially on or near corners so that there is good visibility. Having more than one access points to a stand makes it easier to deal with customers.

2. Think about your stand design. What will make it attractive and eye catching? Remember that you will need some lockable space where staff can leave their bags, outdoor clothing and where you can lock up samples and materials overnight. You will also need an area where you can talk to clients away from passing customers.

3. Plan your staffing requirements as early as possible. You might need more people than you think and it can get expensive bringing people from your office. It is not just the fact that they have to spend time away from their normal jobs, but you also have to pay transport and hotel costs.

4. Consider too the overall impact of an exhibition. There may be several hundred or more stands covering several halls. Many visitors may only visit a fraction of those stands. Attracting their attention is important. Think about the options such as using character mascots and/or promotional staff who can wander the exhibition hall talking to people everywhere, encouraging them to visit your stand.

5. Providing press information is also important. Ensure that press information is always available in the media centre, and on your stand. Journalists need more than just a brochure. It is also a good way to attract their attention and encourage them to visit you.

6. One of the biggest mistakes any exhibitor can make is not having enough staff. There will be times when you have to leave your stand such as going for a meal. You cannot rely on asking the person on the stand next door to keep an eye on things since they need to deal with their own customers. Potential customers simply lose interest and don’t come back if they find there is no one present, or everyone is busy.

7. Think about your staffing options. What will give you the maximum impact? It is may not be enough to have people who can meet and greet customers, and provide basic information. Does your product or service need demonstrating? Do you need data capture personnel, promotional staff who can meander around the centre attracting attention and distributing material? What about character mascots – guaranteed to attract attention? Sales staff, models or hosts?

Hire Exhibition Staff

8. Hiring specialist temporary exhibition staff makes all the difference. We supply staff for all the major exhibition centres and events such as Excel and NEC and know exactly what you need. Our staff are reliable and professional, local to the centre, and have no transport or accommodation problems. They are also familiar with the venue, and arrive fully trained, fully informed about your business and products so that they can start work the moment they arrive.

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