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Trends & Challenges Facing Events in 2022

Corporate events and conferences look set for a busy 2022. Numbers are rising rapidly as the pent-up demand from the past two years is released. But how do you make sure that your event is the one that people choose from the vast array available?

Bear in mind that people are choosing carefully. They have to have a reason for taking part and it must provide real value to their business.

Consider your event format

Covid-19 has brought out major changes in behaviour. Online events remain popular simply because they can reach a lot of people across a variety of locations. What has become apparent is the rise of hybrid meetings involving both face to face and online attendees. Hybrid meetings can be very useful in providing access to a much wider range of speakers than might be available on a face to face basis. Livestreaming events means that you can also provide long term access for marketing or training purposes

In person events

After two years of remoteness and social distancing, people do want to connect face to face again. In person events are in demand – but make sure that you have the ability to cope with any restrictions that might still be applicable, as well as the needs of those who may have health concerns.

Providing hand sanitiser or checking vaccination status can help create a greater sense of safety.

It’s not just safety that people are thinking about when attending in person events – they also want to mingle and chat, take part in Q&A’s, relax with some food and drink. Take the time to make sure your event brings together all those elements, and creates an experience impossible online.

Intimate micro-events

Small events have become very popular in the wake of the pandemic. It offers greater interaction, more discussion and is good for team building and workshops.

Choose your theme

Make your theme applicable to your sector, and consider social issues such as climate change, sustainability which are attracting attention. Other themes that have good currency include wellness, diversity and inclusion, hybrid working, new and innovative technology.

Amenities and venue

Attractive, easy to reach venues with good amenities are much in demand. Good networking is essential, especially if it is a hybrid event. Consider too the increasing trend for sustainability – think about the type of materials even catering options that are being offered. Eco-conscious attendees will be taking note.

Hiring staff for events in 2022

So if you have decided you are going to take your business to an event to sell, promote or just create awareness for your brand or products, you may need an extra pair of hands. Dreams Agency provides promotional and event staff across the UK. To get a quote or find out more click here to get in touch.