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Want to work as Promotional Staff? How to get it right?

Want to work as Promotional Staff How to get it right (1)Intensely varied, interesting and challenging are just a few of the words that describe the work of promotional or exhibition staff. The work is continuously changing, with no two days ever the same. One day you may be working as an extra in a crowd scene in a film. The next day, you might be at an exhibition helping promote a product. Alternatively you might be helping a PR agency carry out an eye catching stunt or acting as a brand ambassador in a retail store.

Getting it right every time is important, whatever the assignment. You need to be very flexible and able to cope with a variety of tasks.

Career wise, it offers lots of opportunities to explore different work styles and gain valuable experience.

Promo Work – Etiquette hints and tips

Working in such a wide range of venues and undertaking a constantly changing selection of roles does mean you need to be prepared for anything. Make sure you have all the details in advance. Check you know the location, how to get there and exactly what you need to do. Most importantly – arrive ahead of time!

The best promo staff are always prepared

Check out weather forecasts. In winter warm, waterproof clothing is essential. In summer, a good supply of sunscreen will be required, and make sure you are wearing comfortable, lightweight clothes. Always have some spare clothes in a bag – you never know when they might be needed!

Take some refreshments with you. Days on set can be long and tiring. You don’t want to be caught up in long queues or suffering from thirst.

Have some spare shoes at hand. When you are on your feet all day, having a change of shoes can make a massive difference to your comfort.

Dress suitably. Find out what type of clothing you need to wear. It is no use going in jeans and t-shirt for a formal presentation, or reception during an exhibition.

Research your role. Make sure you know what your role is going to be. Find out about the film or product with which you will be involved. Being well informed will enable you to present yourself much more professionally and make it more likely that you will be asked back on future occasions.

Think about your own ‘personal brand’

Aim to make a positive impression on every client. Be prepared in advance, have a bag available with spare clothing, refreshments, and a waterproof. Make sure you look right for the part you are playing.

Make sure your casting agency has all the correct information about you. Tell them if you change your telephone number, move house or learn a new skill. Provide new photographs regularly.

Above all, be polite, helpful and be prepared to go that little bit extra especially if you want repeat bookings.