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What are Consumer Trends Post-Lockdown?

The complete lockdown of the UK in late March pushed us into unchartered waters. And now, as we start to return to ‘normal’ life, albeit with COVID-19 measures in place, consumers are returning to the high street. But what shape will consumer trends take in the coming months?

The high street is under pressure. Before lockdown, high street businesses were struggling with brands at out-of-town struggling too. The lockdown added to retailer worries, concerns that were compounded by the prediction consumers would not return to the high street once lockdown was eased.

Is this the case? Research and figures paint a mixed picture but there are encouraging signs.

Younger shoppers are returning to the high street

Of all age groups, it was the Under 25s that said they were returning to the high street to shop, although they were more likely to shop online than other age groups.

If your demographic is the over 55s, you’ll be pleased to hear that 60% who responded to a short survey said that they couldn’t wait to get back on the high street.

What shoppers want to see in shops post-lockdown

Leaving home to once again to shop on the high street and socialise in pubs and restaurants is anxiety-inducing for many and so seeing that businesses and brands are taking post-lockdown measures seriously is important.

Over three-quarters of those questioned wanted to see hand sanitiser at the entrance to stores and outlets, one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of fighting the spread of the virus.

Those questioned also approved of:

  • Perspex barriers and screens at checkouts
  • Social distance markings on the floor

Consumers are also keen to retain the social aspect of shopping and want staff to still engage in conversation.

What about offers and discounts?

Aware that the high street is struggling, many consumers are keen to support when and where they can.

For some retailers, to attract shoppers and shift stock, they are offering discounts and deals which the majority of people questioned were happy to take advantage of. Furlough schemes and other financial assistance schemes to support workers have helped ease the financial burden of lockdown with half of those who responded to the survey said their financial situation had not been negatively impacted.

The overall picture

Consumers are returning to high street shopping and accept that it will look and feel a different experience for some time. Consumers are willing to follow the rules on mask-wearing and social distancing, but as high street businesses, retailers need to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible – and that means hiring extra temporary staff to help shoppers navigate the ‘new norm’.

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