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Why Hire Hostesses and Hospitality Staff?

As a business, there will be events on your calendar that will play an important role in galvanising your brand’s reputation. Some will be public attended events, others with be corporate based events and some will be for your staff. At the heart of these kinds of events is for them to be social occasions, a chance for people to network and chat.

It all needs to look and feel effortless. And they can but the planning and organisation that goes into them are not to be underestimated. And that’s why hiring hostesses and hospitality staff is beneficial.

Hostesses are essential front of house staff

When people arrive at your event, they will expect to be met and greet. This attention to detail will not go unnoticed. Front of house staff will meet and greet, give people the information they need for the event, as well as run a cloakroom and other details that contribute to the efficient running of a corporate social event.

For other types of events, front of house staff can register guests, essential for health and safety reasons. Once the front of house area is complete and your guests have arrived, they can begin the process of circulating throughout the event making sure that people are enjoying themselves.

Setting the right image

Reputation in business is everything and when it comes to a corporate event, it is still very important, if not more so.

When you hold a corporate event, you want (and need!) the whole thing to run smoothly. When it looks effortless, you show that as a company you have the ability to organise and facilitate events and projects. It gives the right impression in other words.

But that means you need people. Hostess and hospitality staff make sure that everything is in place. Fully briefed before they arrive, they know exactly what they need to do.

Bringing a range of experiences to the event, they can also respond when they need to. So when there is a surge of visitors, they alter what they are doing to make sure that everyone is greeted into the event and so on.

Knowing that you have the professional hospitality staff on hand at your event, you can get on with the other important stuff – making sure your brand is noticed by everyone.

Energetic, upbeat and professional agency staff

Working in the world of hospitality is all about working with people, understanding what people want at an event and making sure that it gets delivered.

But events are tiring. They take a lot of energy and upbeat personality to maintain the same level of hosting and welcome from start to finish.

Hostesses need to be organised and professional but al approachable, friendly and upbeat. And that’s exactly what our hostesses and hospitality teams are!

But more importantly, they provide the hospitality services that a corporate event like yours deserves.

To find out more about hiring hostesses and hospitality staff for your events, contact us at Dreams!