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Why Hire International Promotional Staff?

There are thousands of events held across the UK but like other brands, you may be considering taking your brand onto the international trading stage. Global events bring you closer to a global audience but when it comes to events like these, why hire international promotional staff?

Hiring international promotional staff

At Dreams, we have a cohort of international promotional staff who travel the world to help our clients showcase their products and services to a global market. This includes events and European expos as well as those stateside and in the middle east. In fact, we can supply international promotional staff to most countries and events.

There are many reasons why hiring experienced promotional staff is beneficial on the global events and exhibition stage:


As professionals, our teams of international promotional staff understand exactly what is needed whether the event is in the UK or the middle east. Their professionalism knows no bounds which is great news for your brand.

Their professionalism also extends to understanding the many different cultures of countries. This means they are able to adapt and respond to different settings, giving you peace of mind that no matter where your international event is based, you have the professional promotional staff you need.

Consistency of message

As an organisation. You have worked hard on your branding package. What you don’t want is for this to be lost at events. You need and want hired promotional staff to be able to respond to customer ad potential clients in the way that you have set out. This doesn’t vary, even on the promotional stage.

Consistency of message is key in creating a brand that is familiar and trusted by clients and customers on the domestic and the international stage. Professional international promotional staff deliver this and more!

Skilled and experienced

It is important to understand what it is you need from promotional staff before an event, more so on the international stage. For example, you may want professional and accomplished demonstration staff to showcase new products to your audience. Or maybe you are seeking quality leads from an event or sales.

Whatever your objectives are, it is important to match them with the skills and qualities of hired international promotional staff.

Get MORE from the international exhibition and expo stage

From Spain to the US to Brazil and France, and Dubai and Australia, we have the international promotional staff with the skills and abilities you need for an event to be more successful for your brand.

Whatever your objectives for the event, its scope and size, we have the teams you need. From hostesses to demonstrators, promotional staff to sales teams, our promotional people deliver.

To find out more, contact the bookings team today and start the ball rolling to make your next international event stratospheric.