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Why it is (Still) Great to Have Grid Girls

As a motorsport or superbike brand, you’ll understand just how much the sports, and its promotional aspects, have changed. But grid girls are promotional staff who still perform valuable marketing tasks for your brand but with an extra dash of panache. But why hire grid girls?

#1 Glamour

In recent years, we have become more sensitive and aware of women being exploited in promotional work, including grid girls. Exploitation is defined as someone being treated unfairly. None of our promotional staff, including our grid girls, are treated in this way and all of them are willing participants in what can be an exciting career.

Brands are also more sensitive about ‘glamour’ too but again, we are all attracted to people, and objects, that ‘look nice’. It doesn’t mean skimpy outfits but well-dressed women (and men too, in many cases) that draw the eye not just to them but to your brand.

#2 Visual promotion

Grid girls are high-octane visual promotional staff. They draw attention to your brand in a way that others cannot.

Marketing has different measures of success but one is making your brand memorable. To do this, whatever you do, it needs to have an immediate, visual impact. Grid girls provide this in many ways but one is that they will more than likely be wearing branded uniforms – YOUR branded uniform.

#3 Hosting

Grid girls do so much more than just ‘stand, looking pretty’. They provide a range of additional services at events including hosting.

Hostesses do all kinds of activities from circulating at VIP events to managing the event so that it runs smoothly.

Again, this all about positive marketing and showcasing your brand in its best light. Your guests will have expectations, especially of event promoters: they want to be treated like VIPs so why not hire gird girls who know how to do that?

#4 Meet & Greet

Depending on the event and how you intend to showcase your brand, you may hire professional and experienced grid girls as ‘meeters and greeters’.

When people arrive at your VIP event, they expect to be met and greeted by friendly and professional hosts. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, your brand will be memorable for all the right reasons.

#5 Press calls

Another aspect of promotion that grid girls can help with is press attention. They can be the background to medal and award ceremonies, as well as assisting competitors during press calls and photo opportunities.

Hiring grid girls can make all the difference to your brand

Grid girls bring glamour to any event and are a common and welcome sight at motorsports and other sporting events, including cycle meets.

But they do more than add glamour to your marketing and promotion efforts – they can manage VIP or other sub-sections of your event, they can converse and interact with VIPs and fans alike and they can make sure that your brand stands out.

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